The Model FB-10A is nearly identical to the Model TAF-14 except that the Output stage consists of a matched pair of 6BQ5 (EL84) tubes. These tubes offer a little more power output and can handle more plate dissipation. This makes them sound a Model FB-10A, an 18 Watt EL84 Lunchbox Ampbit more crisp (British sounding) and somewhat less warm than the classic 6V6's. The 6BQ5 and EL84 tubes are still in production in China and Russia and may soon be available from the Czech Republic. Like all of our amps these beauties are hand crafted, and hand wired in the point to point tradition. As a point of interest, at the Tube Amp Factory we always operate our tube designs well below the maximum rating to greatly extend tube life. All of our Amplifiers are designed to operate on 120V 50-60Hz. The Model FB-10A will also fit into our Standard Tolex and special wood grain Lunchbox style head cabinets. As I have had multiple requests for a bit higher power output, I have recently modified the Model FB-10A to produce a solid 18 Watts of Audio Output. To do this I moved from the Cathode Biased Class A mode into the Class AB1 mode with fixed bias. I am very pleased with the extra punch and clean head room the FB-10A now delivers.

Manufacturer's suggested retail price US$369.00

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